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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Aug 8, 2007 5:34am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: *

To cousinkix:

That might be the stupidest, most ignorant, and completely beside-the-point post i've seen here in a long time, and that's saying something.

1) Garcia wasn't breaking any long-held records by taking performance enhancing drugs, knocking a legitimate record-holder from his rightful place on the throne in doing so. The drugs and demons in Jerry's life have nothing to do w/why Deadheads love him--we love him for the music he produced, and btw, good luck trying to find a musician of much worth in the past 40 years who hasn't succumbed to some level of alcohol and/or drug abuse. Unless your musical hero is Donny Osmond--and I suspect yours might be--you're SOL on that one.

2) The race card? Please. As has already been pointed out, Bonds is reviled by those who know and respect baseball in large part because his fraudulent record comes at the expense of a black man who suffered some of the worst racist indignities the U.S. had to offer, and Bonds' cavalier cheating in the face of the grace and fortitude Aaron showed during those most difficult times is a horrible slap in the face. That Bonds routinely spoke of the "racist media" who dared question what anyone with the brains God gave geese could see was obvious steroid use--as he sits in front of his private large screen TV and leather lounge chair in the sectioned-off luxury sector of the Giants' clubhouse--would be laughabe were it not so transparently cynical and disgusting.

3) Myself and anyone else who cares about baseball were every bit as appalled at McGwire, Palmero, and every other cheater who pumped themselves full of this crap and rendered HR records meaningless for decades to come. Had mcGwire been on the edge of 756 I'd be just as disgusted as I am today that Bonds is the one cheapening a great record. It just so happens Bonds is the one breaking the record.

Whatever your beef with Deadheads is, you've got a forum to express it...but at least make an argument that makes sense...not one that comes from a complete non-sequitor and reveals you know little about baseball, race relations, or music.

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Poster: ghostofpig Date: Aug 8, 2007 5:44am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: *

Ah: a friendly debate. So, 2 pennies. Bonds hasn't been found guilty--not that he isn't--so hold the remarks until the investigation is over. Sure, I think he doped up, but let's let the powers that be do their job and strip him if need be.
Steroids are old new is sports and are responsible for dozens of olympic gold medals (think east german), records, etc. The issue should be about fixing the problem, not harping on its poster boy of the week. Howz about Lance in the pants Armstrong? Yeah, right.

It's a shame and a blemish on modern sports, and it's a horrible example to set for our kids. It's an unacceptable practice. But so little is actually done. They could have tested McGuire and Bonds when they broke the single season records. They did not.
Moving on:

Garcia's drug addiction came from three things: kicks, addictive personality, and a desire to play better. He said many times that certain drugs enhanced his creativity. And you can hear the coke an Persian in his playing. Not to mention the LSD. Yet, thousands of naive fans failed to notice this, and tens of thousands looked the other way or discussed it as a joke. It wasn't. ANd Garcia, like so many other musicians (Kurt Cobain comes to mind) are, like it or not, role models as much as Bonds is. Okay, maybe we don't expect as much from musicians; we're used to connecting drugs with the jazz and rock scenes. But that doesn't make it right.

Demons? Yep, Jerry had plenty of those. But does that let him off the hook? Nope. You will argue that Jerry needed his drugs, that Jerry was different, that Jerry wasn't hitting home runs--but isn't that what you were waiting for all those nights? Hit one out, Jer!!!!!!

Drugs are drugs, and anyone who takes them is subject to scrutiny. Bonds is wrong, but he had his own demons. Jerry was wrong as well. I wonder how many kids got behind coke and smack because their hero did? Ridin' that train/high on cocaine--that's what I would hum with every tortured and twisted line I put up my nose. Jerry makes it seem all so cool.

Love the sinner, hate the sin.